Is AllYourTexts available for the Mac?

Unfortunately, AllYourTexts is only compatible with the PC (Windows). A Mac version is not likely to ever exist.

Can I use AllYourTexts when my iPhone is not connected to my PC?

Yes. You can use AllYourTexts even when your iPhone is disconnected from your PC. You’ll need to sync your iPhone to your PC before you can see your texts. If you sync your iPhone to your PC while AllYourTexts is running, click File > Refresh Conversations or hit F5 to see your latest texts.

Can I use AllYourTexts without jailbreaking my phone?

Absolutely. AllYourTexts will work with the normal, unmodified Apple iOS. No voiding of your warranty required.

I downloaded AllYourTexts and can’t see my latest conversations.

Check out our troubleshooting steps to resolve this issue.

Can the AllYourTexts team see my texting information?

No, AllYourTexts does not send your private texting data to anyone. The only times when AllYourTexts sends data to the AllYourTexts team is when the application crashes and the user explicitly chooses to send a crash report.

Do I need to download something from the App Store?

Nope. AllYourTexts runs on your PC, so you don’t need to buy anything from the App Store to use it.

Is AllYourTexts available for Android, Blackberry, or Windows Phones?

AllYourTexts can currently only be used with PCs sync’ed with the iPhone.