View Phone Text Conversations

Conversation Screenshot Ever wanted to review a text conversation from a while ago? On the iPhone by the time you finish repeatedly scrolling up and hitting “Load More Conversations,” they’ll have invented a new model that makes yours obselete and unhip. No more! AllYourTexts lets you easily navigate all your text conversations, see conversations statistics, and copy and paste information from your text history.

If you have contacts who text you from several different numbers, AllYourText can show you all of those conversations in a single view so you don’t have to keep switching from number to number to see all your communications with someone.

Export Conversations for Backup

Exported Files

Want to archive your text conversations for backup? Want to export a conversation to a file to make it easy to e-mail? AllYourTexts allows you to easily export your text conversations for backup. You can preserve the color coding and nice formatting by exporting as HTML or reduce the file sizes by exporting in plaintext.

Search Your Texts Instantly

Search Screenshot There’s probably lots of important information in your text history, but it’s a pain to search for information on your phone. With AllYourTexts, you can easily search through all of your text conversations instantly.

Graph Visualizations of Text Activity

Graph Screenshot

AllYourTexts creates graph visualizations so you can see your texting behavior over time. See how many total texts you exchange each month, each day of the week, or each hour of the day.

Graph Individual Screenshot In addition to showing you graphs of your texting behavior overall, you can also see graphs of individual contacts. See what day of the week or hour of the day you’re most likely to talk to a friend.